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The Anatomy of a Strong PR Pitch: How to Pitch Your Product in Three Sentences

Updated: May 28

anatomy of a strong PR pitch

In the fast-paced world of startups, getting media to notice your product is important but not always easy. Your PR pitch should be short, sharp, and straight to the point.

Here's how to write a great PR pitch in just three lines that will work in the startup world.

First : Crafting a clear and compelling subject line

Start your pitch with a strong subject line. This is the very first thing that pops up in someone's inbox and it decides if they open your email! A good subject line should be short, giving the journalist a taste of the story you're about to share.

1st Sentence (the hook: a personalized opening)

Kick-off with a sentence that not only introduces your innovative product but also shows you’ve done your homework about the journalist you’re reaching out to. Make it personal and relevant to their beat, showing that you’re not just another pitch in their inbox.


Hey [Journalist's name], saw your insightful take on [related topic] - in that spirit, we'd love to share [Your startup’s product], the first of its kind [unique feature], crafted to [primary benefit].

2nd Sentence (the standout info)

The second sentence is your chance to shine a spotlight on what sets your product apart in a crowded market. Focus on its unique features or the innovative approach it brings to the industry, but keep it concise and impactful. This is about showcasing your product's edge without overwhelming it with details.


[Your product] is revolutionizing the [industry] with its [unique feature or innovation], setting a new standard in [specific advantage or application].

3rd Sentence (direct CTA with easy follow-up)

Wrap it up with a punchy call to action (CTA). Make it super easy for them to bite and link directly to your calendar for a demo, or a press kit packed with all they need to tell your story.


If curious to see [Your product] in action, hit this link [demo or press kit link] to book a quick demo or grab our press kit - can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

Alternatively, you can craft a CTA to book a quick call with you to discuss without a demo...more to create a personal connection with them.

Mastering the startup pitch language

In these three sentences, you're not just pitching, you’re telling a story, creating intrigue, and inviting engagement. This approach encapsulates the energy and innovation of your startup, packaged neatly for busy journalists looking for the next big thing. It’s about being bold, direct, and memorable.

This style of PR pitching is tailor-made for the startup ecosystem. It's succinct yet powerful, combining personalization with direct calls to action, and providing immediate access to more information – all crucial for making that all-important first impression in the bustling startup world.

**Special Touch for Physical Products: The Impact of a Tangible Experience

PR pitch for a physical product to media

When it comes to pitching a physical product, nothing beats the impact of letting the recipient experience it firsthand. Consider sending the product of your product along with a personalized note. This gesture not only demonstrates confidence in your product but also provides a tangible connection for the journalist or influencer, making your pitch more memorable.

Example Note

Hi [Journalist's name], I hope you enjoy trying [Product name] as much as we enjoyed creating it. It’s not just a [product type], it's a game-changer for [specific problem it solves or experience it enhances]. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

This approach adds a personal and experiential dimension to your pitch. It shows that you’re willing to go the extra mile and provides a unique opportunity for the recipient to interact with your product, which can be especially persuasive in shaping their perspective and coverage.

Incorporating this strategy into your PR efforts, particularly for physical products, can significantly enhance the impact of your pitch. It transforms a standard email pitch into a multi-dimensional experience, increasing the likelihood of capturing the journalist's interest and potentially leading to more compelling and authentic media coverage.

Summary: Anatomy of a strong PR pitch

Before writing the perfect PR pitch for your amazing product, grab a pen and pencil and outline the what, for who, when, where, and why, packaged in a way that's both informative and engaging...

What / What is the product?

Who / Who is it for?

When / When and where will it be available

Why / Why does it stand out in the market?

A Strong Pitch Includes...

  1. An enticing subject line

  2. 3-5 sentences of relevant content - high-level hard-hitting content

  3. A call to action (CTA)

Good luck crafting your pitches, see you in the next blog!

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