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Harnessing Health And Wellness Influencers: A Marketing Game-Changer for Wellness Brands – 11 Key Strategies for Success - PART 1

Updated: Jan 17

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We've been at the vanguard of some of the most inventive and successful campaigns in the health and wellness sector, notably in the biohacking niche, as a boutique marketing firm. We've had the rare chance to interact with important health and wellness influencers who are altering the way we think about holistic well-being in the US, thanks to our primary emphasis on California, a hotspot for health trends and wellness innovation.

This two-part article covers essential influencer marketing strategies in the health and wellness industry to assist you in developing strong ROI-generating first campaigns.

Table of Contents

Part 1 - Read below

Part 2 - Click to be redirected to the next article


#1 Picking the Right Health and Wellness Influencers & Analyzing Their Data

Finding the best influencer for your health and wellness company requires looking beyond follower counts. It's a sophisticated procedure that involves the analysis of multiple data points to ensure the influencer resonates with your brand values, efficiently reaches your target audience, and has genuine engagement. My favorite influencer tools for finding influencers across social media channels include Uplfluence (which has one of the largest databases), Influencity, and Neoreach.

Initial Influencer Search: Key Factors to Consider


Does the influencer's content correspond with the wellness and health niche of your business?

Engagement Rate

How deeply does the influencer connect with their audience beyond likes and comments?

Audience Demographics

Demographics of the Influencer's Audience: Does the influencer's audience fit your target market in terms of age, geography, interests, and so on?

Consistency of Content

How often does the influencer post, and how consistent is their messaging?


Does the influencer have a track record of producing authentic material, or do they regularly engage in sponsored promotions that make up the majority of their content?

These key factors should help you assess your first batch of candidates and once you're ready, move on to the next step which is an in-depth analysis of your pre-selected influencers for your health and wellness marketing campaign.

In-Depth Analysis of Influencer Data:

Once you've discovered prospective influencers, use the tools mentioned above or additional ones like Hootsuite, BuzzSumo, or Social Blade to evaluate the influencer data. The premium accounts do have a monthly subscription, but it's definitely worth it when you consider how vital the analytics are for getting a decent ROI on your money. The following are key metrics:

Engagement Rate

Calculate this by dividing the total engagement (likes, comments, shares) by the number of followers, and then multiply by 100 to get a percentage. Here's the formula: (to see an example of how to calculate this click on our How To Calculate the Engagement Rate in Influencer Marketing here)

Engagement rate formula influencer marketing

Audience Growth

Consider how the influencer's following count has risen over time. Rapid surges may imply bought followers.

Real vs Fake Followers

Use tools to analyze the legitimacy of an influencer's followers. Genuine interaction requires a healthy ratio of actual vs false followers.

In-depth Audience Demographics 

Most quality Influencer marketing or analytics platforms provide insights into much more than geos age and gender, but can also tell you about their interests, category, brand collabs, and more.

Content Analysis

Examine the last several months' worth of material for consistency, quality, and relevance to your brand's mission and values.

  • Top Posts: Analyze which posts attracted the most attention. This provides insight into the sorts of content that are most popular with the influencer's audience and is an excellent approach to see whether their audience is a suitable fit for the business you run.

  • Frequently Used Hashtags: Examine the influencer's work for frequently used hashtags and mentions to guarantee relevancy to your brand.

  • Audience Interaction: Look at how the influencer communicates with their audience in the comments area. Are they responsive, engaged, and upbeat?

Comparing Suitable vs. Unsuitable Influencers

The Hypothetical Health and Wellness Brand
Imagine "ZenThrive," a company that offers premium yoga mats infused with natural aromatherapy scents for an enhanced meditative experience. Targeted at wellness-focused individuals in California, ZenThrive's products cater to yoga enthusiasts seeking a luxurious, sensory practice to elevate their wellness routine.
Niche Relevance
Engagement Rate
Audience Demographics
Content Consistency

High - focuses on biohacking, wellness, mental health

4.5% (High)

Primarily women aged 25-40, based in California

Posts regularly, consistent wellness themes

Mostly organic content with occasional promotions



Low - covers a wide range of lifestyle topics

1.2% (Low)

Mixed demographics, not focused on health

Irregular posting schedule

Frequent unrelated product promotions



  • CaliWellnessMaven is an excellent pick, representing an emphasis on wellness, biohacking, and mental health appealing to California's health-conscious ladies, and has a high engagement rate!

  • ConsciousLifeGuru offers a broader lifestyle approach that is unrelated to health and well-being, making it inappropriate for specialized health and wellness-focused marketing. Has a poor rate of engagement.

By carefully assessing all of these factors, you may select influencers who have not only a high, and engaged following but also a good fit for your company, ensuring that your influencer marketing efforts are profitable.

#2 Authentic Alignment With Your Brand

Step 1: Evaluate Core Values and Mission Alignment

  • Review the Influencer's Ethos: Make sure the influencer's core beliefs and lifestyle coincide with the objective of your company.

  • Look for Natural Resonance: The content of the influencer should organically fit the narrative and ethos of your company.

Step 2: Keep in Mind the Importance of Consumer Perception

  • Understand Your Intelligent Consumer: Recognize that current customers are savvy enough to distinguish between sponsored advertisements and real endorsements.

  • Value Authenticity: Aim for authentic content that generates trust. According to Stackla, 90% of customers value authenticity in brand support.

Step 3: Focus on Engagement and Interaction

  • Review Interaction Style: Choose influencers that actively participate in relevant conversations and share experiences that reflect the core values of your business.

  • Enhance Brand Message: Always ensure that the influencer's interaction style enhances and supports your brand's story.

  • Unified Brand Story: Look for a collaboration that will add to a compelling and unified brand story.

By following these steps, you will know that the influencers you work with genuinely fit with your brand, so increasing the success and credibility of your health and wellness marketing initiatives.

#3 Leverage Local Health and Wellness Influencers for Geo-Specific Campaigns

Using local health and wellness influencers for geo-specific advertising is a good way to target audiences in a specific location. Local influencers frequently have a strong connection to their community, which may be used to market products or services that have a strong local appeal. Because these influencers are familiar with the local culture, trends, and appetites, their endorsements are more relevant and powerful to the area's audience.

Quick Hypothetical Example:


Sunshine Fitness Centers - A chain of modern fitness centers.

Local Influencer: 

Ryan Turner - well-known fitness trainer and social media star in San Diego.


Sunshine Fitness Centers is opening a new gym in San Diego and is collaborating with Ryan Turner on the influencer campaign. Ryan, recognized for his fun fitness group classes and strong roots in the San Diego fitness community, uses his social media channels to highlight the new Sunshine Center's unique facilities and classes. He organizes local community meetups and workout sessions at the gym, creating buzz within the local community.

His authentic connection with his San Diego followers and his reputation as a local fitness expert make his endorsements particularly effective, driving local traffic to Sunshine Fitness Centers and enhancing the gym's visibility in the San Diego market.

This is a perfect example of a local influencer marketing campaign, focusing on a specific geo.

#4 Co-creating Content With Your Influencers

In health and wellness influencer marketing, it's critical to provide influencers with creative freedom while keeping your campaign goals in mind. This approach improves the content's authenticity, promoting trust and engagement with the audience.

Let's look at a real example of a successful influencer marketing campaign we created at Resonance Creative Consulting for one of our clients in the wellness and health industry:


Kelly Brogan, known as "The Holistic Psychiatrist," and the author of "Own Your Self" and "A Mind of Your Own."

Client Brand: 

Somavedic is a brand specializing in EMF mitigation products focusing on the US audience mainly in biohacking, wellness, health, and non-toxic living.

Campaign Overview:

Somavedic briefed us to collaborate with US-based influencers in the wellness and health industry to promote their products. One of the hundreds of collaborations we did throughout the three years of working with Somavedic with influencers, was a partnership with Kelly Brogan - a well-recognized MD with influence in the holistic health and wellness space. The campaign's focus was on EMF mitigation products, a topic that aligned well with Brogan's expertise and audience interests.

Campaign Execution Strategy:

Initial Call

We scheduled an initial call with Kelly's team to explore the campaign's concept, objectives, and possible advantages of our partnership. This phase was fundamental in establishing mutual understanding and laying the groundwork for a successful cooperation.

Product Gifting

As a gift, we sent Kelly a Somavedic product, allowing her to physically test it. This ensured that her messaging and recommendations were founded on her genuine experience and personal endorsement.

Creative Freedom

We offered Kelly's team a lot of leeway in determining which promotional channel would best suit her style and audience engagement. She chose a newsletter to capitalize on her direct and intimate relationship with her readers.

Newsletter Development

With the topic "Last minute gift ideas," the newsletter was headed "Here are my top 5 picks for EMF-mitigation products that your family and friends will love!" Somavedic was one of Kelly's top options.

influencer marketing campaign examples
Newsletter Campaign

Personal Discount Code

Kelly provided her followers with a customized discount code KELLY, allowing for simple tracking of the campaign's impact and a detailed ROI measurement.

Campaign Outcome

This strategy earned the company almost $40,000 in sales from a single mailing, making it one of our most successful campaigns. A personal product experience, creative flexibility, and strategic channel selection resulted in a real and very successful marketing that resonated strongly with Kelly's audience and drove considerable sales for Somavedic.

"Real influence truly is about leveraging authenticity. To build influence, people need to trust your influencer, which can only happen if they're authentic"

The campaign was a big success mainly because Kelly has a very loyal audience that trusts her, she had a good experience with the product, and her recommendation was genuine. It's key to always search for real genuine people for your campaigns as that's the way to get the best results for your brand.

#5 Plan Cross-Platform Influencer Campaigns

Cross-platform influencer marketing campaigns enhance impact by exploiting each platform's distinct appeal, from Instagram's images to YouTube's tales, Twitter's immediacy, the depth of podcasts, and the direct reach of newsletters, assuring wide, targeted audience engagement.

Hypothetical Example Cross-Platform Campaign: Todd and Ice-Tub


Ice-Tub is an ice bath that can hold icy cold temperatures.


Todd, is a semi-professional athlete and biohacking enthusiast from California.

Audience Demographics - California, predominantly guys aged 25-40 with strong spending power who are interested in biohacking, fitness, and health and have an athletic build - consistently training.

Platforms Selected

Instagram - Todd uses Instagram to emphasize the benefits of his post-workout ice baths in the Ice-Tub by posting pictures and short Instagram reels.

YouTube - Todd uploads thorough vlogs on his training schedule, explaining in detail how the Ice-Tub fits into his recovery process.

Twitter - Short, engaging tweets about biohacking and the benefits of Ice-Tub.

Podcast - Todd also mentions this cooperation in two episodes of his podcast, titled: "Diving Deep into Cold Therapy with Ice-Tub Founder and CEO", "Biohacking for Athletes: My Experience with Ice-Tub: Quick Recovery Tips"

Through this multi-platform strategy, the campaign effectively reaches Todd's specific audience, enhancing Ice-Tub's brand visibility and engagement within the health-conscious community in California.


It was a great pleasure to write this article for you and I hope this was helpful! As we wrap up this section of our blog article, "Harnessing Health And Wellness Influencers: A Marketing Game-Changer for Wellness Brands - 11 Key Strategies for Success," I cordially invite you to Part 2. There, we'll look at six additional key strategies for influencer marketing in the health and wellness industry. The topics we'll cover are:

Part 2 - Click to be redirected to the next article

If you have any questions about collaborating on your next Influencer marketing campaign, please contact me at Mention briefly the scope of your campaign and when you're available to discuss it, and I'll respond as soon as feasible. For the time being, have a wonderful day.

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