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Harnessing Health And Wellness Influencers: A Marketing Game-Changer for Wellness Brands – 11 Key Strategies for Success - PART 2

Updated: Jan 17

Part 1 outlined the fundamental tactics of influencer marketing, ranging from selecting the proper voices to co-creating engaging content or leveraging local influencers to target a specific geolocation. Today we'll go over some new insights into narrative, the hidden jewels of micro-influencers, creating exclusive deals, the power of podcasting, organizing buzz-worthy events, and the essential ability of performance analysis. Whether you're a new or established business, these next-level strategies can help you raise your wellness game in this ever-changing digital world.


Table of Contents


#6 Focus on Storytelling

Crafting Engaging Stories

Storytelling isn't just a buzzword in the world of influencer marketing; it's a key skill When influencers share their own stories, they establish a personal connection with their audience, making each promotion feel less like an advertisement and more like a chapter from their life. This approach strikes a chord with followers, instilling trust, and feeling authentic.

"People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories, and magic." - Seth Godin

Example Scenario: Journey of Personal Transformation

Let's take a brief look at an example of how to use captivating storytelling to create an emotional connection and build trust with potential customers.




Ethan Murray


San Francisco, California


Lifestyle and Wellness Blogging

Brand Collaboration

VitaSphere C60 (C60 Antioxidant Supplements)

Campaign Theme

Personal Wellness Transformation Journey

Platforms Used

Instagram and YouTube

Content Strategy

Daily vlogs, Instagram stories, before-and-after photos

Narrative Style

Emotional and Inspirational Storytelling

Engagement Results and Brand Impact

Increased interaction and follower investment in journey. Noticeable boost in VitaSphere C60's online engagement and sales

Storytelling Through Visual Content

Daily Vlogs: Ethan uploads daily vlogs to YouTube showing his morning routine. In these vlogs, he prepares and takes his C60 supplement before doing meditation or yoga. His San Francisco home's tranquil backdrop adds to the visual appeal.

Instagram Stories: Ethan posts quick, honest stories on Instagram throughout the day. He adds bits of his exercises, times of relaxation, and even culinary sessions in which he speaks about bringing health into his diet while subtly integrating VitaSphere C60.

Before-and-After Health Photos: On Instagram, Ethan posts a series of before-and-after images. The 'before' photographs show him appearing fatigued or stressed. The 'after' photos, taken a few months after beginning to use VitaSphere C60, show major positive improvements.

Building an Emotional Bond

Sharing Personal Health Difficulties: Ethan speaks up about past issues with low energy levels and trouble maintaining a balanced lifestyle in his vlogs and IG posts, and the impact on his mental and physical health.

Intro of VitaSphere C60: Ethan shares how introducing VitaSphere C60 into his daily routine became a turning point moment, shares his initial skepticism, and how he eventually began to see changes such as higher energy levels, improved focus, and general well-being.

Inspiring Narrative: Ethan regularly talks about how his experience with VitaSphere C60 improved his lifestyle and mental health in addition to its physical benefits. He suggests to his followers to put their health first and provides advice on how to make shifts.

Engaging with Followers: Ethan continually engages with his audience in the comments and DMs, answering questions about VitaSphere C60, offering advice, and sharing motivational comments.

The collaboration of Ethan Murray and VitaSphere C60 shows the transforming power of narrative in influencer marketing. Ethan boosts VitaSphere C60's the appeal while also creating a true connection with his audience with a narrative that weaves together personal experiences with brand benefits. This approach transcends traditional advertising (!!!!), creating an authentic bond that resonates deeply with audiences and shows the power of well-done storytelling in influencer marketing.

#7 Don't Leave Out Micro-Influencers

It's key to understand that you don't necessarily need to collaborate with top-tier influencers to be successful.

What Defines a Micro-Influencer?

With an average following of 10,000 to 100,000, micro-influencers can be very powerful, particularly when trying to reach a specific niche.

Their followers are frequently into the niche they cover, whether it's fashion, gaming, or anything else. Working with micro-influencers is all about community building; they're great at sparking conversations, holding local health and wellness events, and connecting with their followers in meaningful ways. They foster a sense of belonging that transcends the transaction.

Genuine Recommendations Over Big Promotions

Micro-influencers usually have an audience that sees them not as distant celebrities but as relatable peers, or even friends. When a local micro-influencer shares their experience with a health and wellness company or product, it has a weight that is difficult to mimic with larger influencers.

Example Scenario: Sarah's Organic Lifestyle

Think about meeting Sarah, a micro-influencer who is interested in living an organic and sustainable lifestyle. She frequents local farmers' markets, where she handpicks the best organic produce. Her commitment to healthy and sustainable eating is clear in the yummy organic recipes she freely provides on her site. Her endorsements of health and wellness businesses are seen as suggestions from a trusted friend rather than traditional marketing.

Sarah's dedication to her community is what sets her apart. She organizes eco-friendly programs to educate and encourage her neighbors to live a more sustainable lifestyle. The workshops not only support the participants, but also develop a feeling of community and shared ideals in the neighborhood. Sarah promotes the "GreenLife Wellness" product through authentic content, blog entries, social media participation, workshops, and real heartfelt recommendations, presenting how it's in tune with a healthy and eco-conscious lifestyle.


Sarah's Organic Journey

Passion & Lifestyle

Organic living enthusiast


Farmers' market, blog posts, IG content, hosting workshops

Influence Style

Empowering eco-friendly community, trusted friend's recommendation

Follower Count


Collaborating Brand

GreenLife Wellness - organic supplements, herbal remedies, natural skincare products

Brand Impact

Powerful impact on audience choices, tracking incoming sales via her promo code as well as doing customer surveys for attribution

Collaboration with micro-influencers allows you to tap into the committed and passionate communities they've developed - that leading to a higher likelihood of success for your influencer marketing campaigns.

#8 Offer Exclusive Deals Through Influencers

Consider giving your unique discount to influencers, such as 'Get 15% off your order with coupon code: GREENLIFE15'. Influencers may share this exclusive discount code with their followers, creating excitement and incentive for them to test your eco-friendly wellness goods. When followers see their favorite influencer supporting a brand with an exclusive discount, they are more inclined to buy, boosting both sales and brand recognition.

On top of that, if you don't already have an affiliate program, research implementing one, and throughout your influencer negotiation mention that they can become your affiliate partner and earn commission from sales. This is something we've done with many brands and is a win-win for both parties.

Some influencers prefer only fee-based 'deals' (just getting paid for the engagement) and others like a combination or both affiliate commission and fee structure. This is all up to your negotiation and being able to highlight to them the benefits of being an affiliate. We have also worked with influencers who prefer to be just affiliates and no fee is paid on top of their earned commission and we also have heard a no, they never do affiliate (but that's rare). The potential from being an affiliate partner in the wellness industry is massive and more experienced and skilled influencers know this and can create the results for you.

LA influencer agency
Discount Code Mention for Illustration

So to sum it up, collaborating with influencers providing them with special discount codes, and collaborating on giveaways and seasonal specials not only drives quick conversions but also builds a sense of trust and loyalty among their audience, as they feel like they're part of an exclusive community that receives special offers.

#9 Leverage Podcasting for In-Depth Engagement

The podcasting industry is expected to grow dramatically by 2030. 'According to a report by Grand View Research, Inc., the global podcasting market is expected to reach USD 130.63 billion by 2030, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 27.6% from 2023 to 2030'​​ (see source here). So buckle up because the podcasting sector is expected to increase significantly in the next years, both in terms of popularity and potential.

Collaboration with micro-influencers via podcasts has become the obvious strategic decision that generates amazing results. We have created dozens of podcast interview campaigns to generate awareness and in-depth discussion about the trending product and I can say that only repeated collaboration makes sense to generate ROI, ideally a package of 3-6 podcast episodes if possible to repeatedly mention the brand as listeners frequently skip episodes and the likelihood of them hearing about your product is boosted by repetition.

"Empowering your brand's voice through the art of influence - in podcasting, we don't just reach ears, we connect with hearts, transforming listeners into loyal customers and turning moments into movements."

Unlike traditional advertising methods, podcasts provide an immersive and long-form platform for influencers share their recommendations in their own unique and authentic way. Brands can develop a deeper connection with their audience and slowly build trust. Podcast campaigns bring the best results when you choose hosts who share your beliefs and values and align with your product naturally well.

Why should podcasting be part of your influencer campaigns

Long-Form Communication: Use the long-form nature of podcasts to go in-depth and communicate your brand's distinct selling characteristics and value proposition.

Extra backlink building: Podcast collaborations provide a backlink potential Hosts mention recommendations and links during interviews, and they provide dofollow links to them in podcast descriptions and bios. Backlinks increase website traffic, exposure, and SEO rankings.

Collaborative Content Creation: You work on the content of the episode usually closely with your influencer (host) and since you could be in the role of a guest, you get to shape how the conversation goes and how the content sounds (sharing about your product)

Ways of Product Feature on a Podcast

Paid Ads or Sponsored Segments: Quick 30 to 60-second mentions with tracking promo codes.
Guest Appearances: As a guest, you get to share your brand's story and thoughts.
Affiliate Partnerships: Set up partnerships for commission-based promotions and allow the host to choose however they prefer to communicate their love for the product.
Giveaways and Contests: Engage listeners with exclusive offers.

Listeners may become devoted clients over time as a result of the podcast's educational and entertaining content. They are more inclined to buy from you if they trust your brand. Provide unique discounts for tracking and engagement, or verify that the podcasting host has adequate podcast analytics in place and can share the information with you.

#10 Host Health and Wellness Influencer Events

Hosting health and wellness influencer events provides a dynamic chance to interact with health and wellness influencers. These events might take the shape of workshops, panel discussions, or wellness challenges, with the goal of cultivating genuine connections with committed ambassadors.

Brands may engage a global audience through webinars, live-streamed discussions, and virtual challenges by extending these events to the virtual realm, increasing brand awareness, and interacting with influencers in real-time. Overall, health and wellness influencer events are a fantastic approach for building a network of devoted ambassadors and establishing the brand as an industry leader.

#11 Monitor and Analyze Performance

Influencer marketing has evolved into an essential strategy in the digital marketing world. To ensure the efficiency of influencer marketing efforts, it is critical to thoroughly track and evaluate their results.

What metrics should you know when analyzing the performance of an influencer marketing campaign?

  1. Engagement Rate: The level of audience engagement with the influencer's content (likes, comments, and shares) is measured by the engagement rate.

  2. Reach and Impressions: The total number of unique viewers for a post (reach) and the frequency with which it is seen (impressions).

  3. Conversion Rate: The percentage of audience members who take a desired action (such as making a purchase) as a result of the influencer's content.

  4. Click-Through Rate (CTR): The percentage of consumers who click on the links supplied in the influencer's material to the total number of viewers of the content.

  5. Return on Investment (ROI): Determine the campaign's profitability by comparing the income gained to the campaign's cost.

  6. Follower Growth: The increase in brand followers as a result of the influencer campaign.

  7. Brand Sentiment: The public's perception and feeling toward the brand as impacted by the campaign, which is frequently measured via social listening technologies.

  8. Cost Per Engagement (CPE): The campaign's cost is divided by the total number of engagements.

  9. Audience Growth Rate: The rate at which the influencer's audience is expanding, showing the potential for future reach.

  10. Content Quality and Relevance: Subjective assessment of how well the influencer's material matches the brand's image and goals for the campaign.

In an upcoming article, we will delve into the best tools for measuring and analyzing the effectiveness of your influencer marketing campaigns in depth. This will offer a detailed overview of the complex analytics tools and methodologies required for determining campaign performance and ROI.


This concludes "Harnessing Health And Wellness Influencers: Part 2"! We've delved into the exciting realm of influencer marketing, from powerful storytelling to the power of micro-influencers and beyond. Finally, keep in mind that creating successful narratives and real relationships is essential in health and wellness influencer marketing. Whether you're just getting started or an established brand, these ideas can help you thrive in the digital health industry.

Got questions or wanna collaborate? Hit me up at, and let's make some influencer magic happen! Stay tuned, stay inspired, and let's rock this wellness journey together.

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