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3 Examples of Cross-Channel Influencer Campaigns in the Health and Wellness Space

Brands are generating discussions, creating communities, and drawing attention on every platform from Instagram to YouTube by collaborating with influencers who can change public opinion with a single post. Being everywhere, skillfully blending through the fabric of many social media platforms to provide a colorful tapestry of interrelated material, is more important than just being noticed. The health and wellness sector is seeing the cross-channel strategy in action in five excellent ways.

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Final Thoughts

#1 Nike Training Club’s Influencer Collaboration

Platforms: Instagram and Facebook

Strategy: The Nike Training Club works with fitness influencers who publish inspirational messages, training videos, and personal success stories on Facebook and Instagram.

Impact: Promotes the downloading of apps and improves user interaction on all platforms.

"Partnering with influencers allows us to connect authentically with our community, inspiring them to achieve their fitness goals," says a Nike spokesperson.

#2 Headspace’s Mindful Influencer Partnerships

Platforms: YouTube, Twitter, Instagram

Strategy: Headspace invited its influencers to use the app and be open with their followers. Influencers accomplished it in their own, original voices.

Headspace therefore attracted more than 100,000 social media followers and more than 2200 encouraging comments and post shares.

Impact: Increases app sign-ups and promotes daily meditation habits.

Headspace’s Mindful Influencer Partnerships
IG @lisa_sugarman

#3 Vega’s Recipe Cross-Channel Sharing Initiative

Platforms: Instagram, Pinterest

Vega’s Recipe Cross-Channel Sharing Initiative

Strategy: Vega products are used in colorful, healthful meals that are created and shared by partners with culinary and wellness celebrities and mid-tier to micro-influencers.

Pinterest: Vega goes one further by producing easy-to-pin and save, visually stunning recipe cards. To further engage fans with the brand, they also create boards with material on healthy living, nutrition, and meal planning.

Instagram: Vega works with fitness and wellness influencers who focus on plant-based diets. Using Vega goods, including protein powders and health supplements, these influencers develop aesthetically pleasing, simple-to-prepare meals. They provide colorful images and videos of the dishes along with detailed directions and firsthand accounts of how Vega improves their eating regimens.

Impact: Increases interaction on social media and draws people to Vega's website which ultimately translates to conversions.

Vega’s Recipe Cross-Channel Sharing Initiative
IG @thefoodieguideatx

Final Thoughts

Each of these examples showcases how health and wellness brands are effectively using cross-channel influencer campaigns to communicate their messages and values and have a broader reach.

By tapping into the unique strengths of various platforms and the influential power of key individuals, these brands maximize their reach and impact, engaging users in meaningful and motivating ways.

If you have any questions about collaborating on your next micro-influencer marketing campaign based in the US, please contact us at Mention briefly the scope of your campaign and when you're available to discuss it, and we'll respond as soon as possible. For the time being, have a wonderful day!

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